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    Hi, just checking what different software people use for Accounts/HR/Payroll and your thoughts on them. We’ve brought in some new ones with mixed results.

    Surf Accounts: Have used Surf for 4-5 years after just using Excel for everything for ages. Happy with it and increasing the level of detail we put into it now.

    Sage Payroll: Been with Sage 20 years plus. Timepoint links with it but Surf doesn’t. Looking at options here with Bright Pay (same owners as Surf) one I’ll be getting demo from.

    TimePoint: Only getting this up and running now and it’s taken a lot of manual data entry. Won’t know if it’s been worth it for a few months yet.

    Bright Contracts: Fair amount of data entry but staff seem happy with this set-up for their contracts.


    we use

    Advance systems for TMS
    Sage 50 for accounts
    Quantum Payroll for payroll

    Ceile Care


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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