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CéileCare Vision

Céile Care envisages a strong and sustainable network of family owned and operated nursing homes continuing to discharge a critical role within Ireland’s health care system under a unifying brand, Céile Care, while importantly preserving their individuality.

Céile Care supports the sustainability and development of its family owned and operated nursing homes through the provision of operational and governance services which may otherwise not be accessible on an individual basis.

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The Benefits

These services present our CéileCare homes with opportunities for enhanced efficiencies, enhanced service portfolios, and innovation in the delivery of care to their residents, including:

Commercial Support:

  • Participation, as part of the Céile Care network, in HSE public tender invitations in access to multi-bed State contracts where historically lack of capacity often ruled out individual responses to such contracts.
  • Access to significant savings via a managed group purchasing service, including a single pricing card for all members, while accommodating flexibility to retain preferred suppliers you may have.
  • Access to a Céile Care Energy Program, benefiting from shared energy pricing, energy management planning, and support for energy innovation.
  • Participation in planned capital projects, benefiting from economies of scale and access to shared expertise in delivering infrastructure (e.g., solar installation)

Operational Support:

  • Access to a centralised and dedicated recruitment service to source, assess and onboard new hires in a planned, more cost-effective, and efficient ways through our in-house Céile Recruitment team.
  • Access, through our Resource Hub, to a suite of Ceile Care policies and templates covering clinical, HR, and risk management disciplines.
  • Available technology solutions to support more efficient purchasing & staff / resident family engagement.
  • Access to our Céile Care business support desk.

Governance Support:

  • Access to our Clinical & Quality Director to support planned audit reviews, providing you with quality assurance and tangible input into your continuous improvement plans.
  • Pre & Post HIQA inspection action planning guidance and support.
  • Céile Care template Contracts of Care, in line with CCPC guidelines, for residents supported under the Fair Deal scheme, privately funded residents, transitional residents, and residents in convalescent care.

Engagement & Collaboration:

  • Engagement with key stakeholders including HIQA and the HSE to facilitate information sharing.
  • Dedicated in-person engagement with Céile Care team members to provide you with a sounding board and support for your specific operational and strategic concerns.
  • Regular peer networking – from both nursing home and family business perspectives – via planned education and information webinars.
  • Access to the Céile Resource Hub, to facilitate information sharing across the network.

Brand Support:

  • Centralised promotion of the Céile Care network via our website, social media channels and jobs boards.
  • Marketing support through our branding partner, the Rainbow Vault, to assist with any including website design & development, marketing materials & templates.

As the Céile Care member network develops, we plan a continued expansion of relevant services and supports in line with our vision.

Membership Criteria

To protect and uphold the integrity of the Céile Care brand prospective members are subject to specific admission criteria with a focus on quality and a demonstrated long-term commitment to their residents.

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If you are a family owned and operated nursing home proprietor and are interested in discussing how Céile Care may benefit you and your team, we would be delighted to speak with you.

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